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Deconstructed Pineapple S’mores and a Twist on Pimento Cheese veggie dip- Kinda

November 18, 2011

So it was Friday night and I needed to finish up using last weeks produce.  I had been inspired by Farmers’ Market Gourmet to create cauliflower as a main dish.  I had never really thought serving it as dinner.  Basically she creates a cheese mixture ( it was cheddar cheese, mayo, and mustard) and steams the cauliflower for a  bit then smothers the cauliflower and bakes it in the oven.

Well I really didn’t like the idea of using the mayo and wanted to thin out the cheese…. so I mixed mustard, hot sauce, bell pepper (capsicums), and greek yogurt.  It was too thin to hold its shape on the cauliflower, so it ended up being a cheese sauce.  Tasty…. but nothing too amazing there….. but I was making a salad…. and I dipped cucumber and bell pepers into it.  I was in heaven!  I think it is my new potluck dish! I want to smear it on sandwiches and everything.  I would add olives too- and at home pimentos… but alas…. I have not found pimentos here.

I also had a Pineapple that calling out to be eaten. We threw it on the grill.  I recently found out that S’mores are only an American thing!?  If the rest of the world only knew what they were missing out on!  Graham Crackers are also something you have to get at an import store… so I was craving fire and chocolate.  I had a Lindt Dark Chocolate Chilli bar.  Right as the pineapple was all gooey, I put a tiny square on top and let it melt……ohhhhhhh yummy.  I didn’t even miss the marshmallow and  cracker.


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