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yogurt yummy and hot hummus

November 22, 2011

One of the ways we have been using up all of our fruits in our veg box is by creating fruit puree and putting it in homemade yogurt.  I am a huge fan of Alton Brown and was going to make yogurt the way he instructed on Good Eats, but heating pads are not easy to find here.  I ended up in the grocery store and found this crazy thermos looking thing called EasyYo.  You buy a powder and mix it with water in a plastic container.   In the thermos you pour in boiling water.  Then you place the container with the mix into the thermos, and about 8 hours later you have yogurt.  I have  tried every way I can think of to make it cheaper… powdered milk, plain milk, etc… and this is so easy and cheap I can’t bother.

So Matt has made it his job to create wonderful fruit puree.  This time it was a strawberry cayenne.  Cook the strawberries, honey, sugar, and cayenne  to taste until broken down.  Layer into the yogurt.  I should have gotten a picture he was too cute.  I was reading “Hunger Game” aloud as he cooked away!

Every week I choose a different type of beans to work into the menu.  This week was chick peas. I used them in a salad of roasted veggies and of course hummus.  Today our lunch was fresh veggies and hummus.  I have found that many recipes use quite a bit of olive oil.  We like ours spicy, so to cut the amount of oil, but to get the texture correct we use the juice of pickled jalapenos as well as the peppers.  I also love to use this on my sandwiches instead of mayo!  Yummy!


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