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bok choy tastic

January 22, 2012

I know I have not written in forever!  Some of it was because of running out of internet, switching internet providers, the holidays, lack of produce because of the holidays, and plain old out of the habit!  I am back!  I would not say on a roll yet,  but pinintrest is helping me get me groove back.  I am not sure it is in the same way Stella got here groove back, but it is at least keeping things interesting.  I am still getting tons of broccoli but the asparagus is tapering off.  The one meal I was with it enough to take photos of was super simple.  It was inspired by the following post:  I am lazy and on a budget so I was attracted to this because I had prosciutto and bok choy on hand, but did not have sherry, so I changed it to sake so I didn’t have to go to the store.  I also did not have broth, so I cooked the prosciutto  with the garlic to add some complexity  to the dish.  I have to admit, this turned out fantastic.  I served it with a side of quinoa.  I literally licked my plate.  I did.  No one but Matt saw so it was okay!  Tonight I am going to try to do a risotto with brown rice….. let you know if it turns out.

Question…. Yesterday I made a potato soup.  Normally  I use chicken stock I make and about a cup milk.  I had neither and not wanting to venture into the rain on my b day I choose to use water from the potatoes and a little cream….. it was fantastic.  I wonder if there is any difference in the calorie count?!




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