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Corn, Tomato, Basil Dip

January 31, 2012

Last time I wrote I told you I would try out a brown rice risotto.  I prepped my beautiful wood ear mushrooms from the asian market that were the size of my hand.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of the freaking size of theses monsters!  I will say the were touch as shoe leather.  Smaller is better.  I am missing my Whole Foods!  I had leeks chopped, the broth simmering and everything ready to go. (Side note, take a look at my veggie broth.  It looks like Bridget Jone’s Diary soup.  I had a little purple cabbage left and threw it in the stock pot!)  Two hours later, I had brown rice with mushrooms and leeks.  I will admit it was a little creamer…. but only a little.  I don’t make risotto on a weekly basis, so I know if I spend the time, it will from now on be all white rice for me!

While stirring the brown rice, my stomach was killing me with hunger, and  I came up with a great little veggie or bread dip.  Take some greek yogurt, some citrus flavored olive oil (mine was orange) and add some red pepper flakes.  Three ingredients.  Very tasty.  That is what I ended up eating for dinner.  Between the shoe leather mushrooms and the so so brown rice, this was the highlight of my night.  This is really saying something because I had been drinking quite a bit of the wine in that two hours!

I did have a super yummy easy dinner that tastes much better than it photoed.  It was based off of this recipe from Martha.  I once again didn’t have something so I played it by ear and subbed greek yogurt from my handy dandy yogurt maker for the silken tofu and ate it on bread for a light dinner after yoga! I made sure not to blend the yogurt, but tojust blend the corn and stir the yogurt in.  I have to say it was great the next day too!  It would be fab for a picnic!


Tonight I will try my hand a a broccoli pesto!  

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