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Quince Butter and Rhubarb Chutney

March 21, 2012

I swear since Valentines day I have not been cooking as much as normal.  As we make friends we have more dinner dates!  Not a bad thing!  If I was cooking, it wasn’t anything fantastic.   Many times it was a repeat of my “go to” recipes.  As we leave the summer that never was because of too much rain, and enter fall, the farmer’s market has some new yummy veggies to play with.


I decided to spend the afternoon in the kitchen trying my hand using Martha’s recipes for quince butter and rhubarb chutney.  I have no experience cooking either.  I have had quince past you buy to go with a cheese platter, but I have never seen a quince.  Apparently it is kin to an apple.  It has mighty hard to cut.  The flesh was white.  As it cooked it turned into the pink color you see with quince paste you buy in the store.  Straining it was the hardest part.  It also takes multiple quince to create a real batch.  It was tasty and I will make it again!


The only time I have had rhubarb was in a strawberry pie.  Making the chutney took less than 15 minutes cooking time.  I used it to make yogurt parfaits.  It was tasty… but next time I will cut it into smaller pieces to keep the stringiness at bay.


I have a full menu planned this week.  I hope to post several times this week!

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